Keynote Speakers
Michael Moritz
Sequoia Capital
Jim Breyer
Accel Partners
Tim Draper
Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Managing Director
Hugo Shong
IDG-Accel Partners
Fang Fang
Investment Banking, J.P. Morgan Chase
Managing Director, Vice Chairman, Asia and CEO, China
Gavin Ni
Zero2IPO Group
Founder, CEO & President

As world economies have struggled through the downturn, China stands uniquely alone as a vast market with the promise of strong, attractive growth. While the US market was contracting, China saw GDP growth of 8% in 2009. After building a tight knit VC/PE infrastructure for over a decade, a new crop of seasoned China VCs are poised and ready to capitalize on this continued growth. 

Institutional money managers, considering an overall allocation to alternative investments, are now routinely including China as a key component of future VC/PE returns. So, whether you are a limited partner already active in China or an institutional investor ready to evaluate this compelling opportunity, the CVCF, Silicon Valley is designed for you. If you are a US venture capitalist with China representation already "on the ground," or a VC still contemplating the pros and cons of China, CVCF Silicon Valley is the place to network and learn from those in the know. This is your chance to size up the China market, meet the key players, and "learn from the experts" how best to navigate this emerging market. Last year's US conference in New York was a sell-out, and this year's conference in Silicon Valley also promises to be a big success. Informed, experienced keynote speakers and panel members will deliver the latest predictions and offer you practical suggestions as you network with other investment professionals also in attendance.


Thanks for your invite to the event as well. Zero2IPO effort is invaluable to our success as well.

Jim Breyer,
Accel Partners,

The pleasure is all mines! Thank you for the putting together such a successful conference.

Kathy Xu,
Capital Today Group,
Managing Partner

Many thanks for such a great event.  You have already made very good choices of topics and locations in China. Wish you all the success in the upcoming forums.

Vivian Chen,
CDH Venture,

Congratulations on a very successful event. We were very delighted to share and exchange our experience with all the participants in the forum.

VWilliam Chen,
DT Capital Partners,
Managing Partner

Congratulations on a successful forum! I appreciated the opportunity to speak at the conference and enjoyed the discussions with other panelists as well as the audience.

Ouyang Xiangyu,
Legend Capital,
Managing Director

You have organized a very successful Forum again and it is an honor to participate such an important event.

Cherteck Quek,
New Horizon Capital,
Managing Director

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