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September 9, 2008 (Tuesday)

4:00 pm-6:00 pm

Conference Registration

6:00 pm-8:00 pm

Welcome Networking and Cocktail Reception

September 10, 2008 (Wednesday)

9:30 am-10:00 am

Conference Registration

10:00 am-10:20 am

Opening and Welcoming Remarks
John Dean, Zero2IPO Group, Chairman
Zhimin Xu, JCD Co., Ltd, President

10:20 am-10:35 am

Keynote Speech
Maggie Wu, Limited, Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer

10:35 am-10:50 am

Keynote Speech
Andy Yan, SAIF Partners, Managing Partner

10:50 am-11:20 am

Current Situation and Trends of VC/PE Market in China in 2008
Gavin Ni, Zero2IPO Group, Founder, CEO & President

11:20 am-12:20 pm

Session I Identify the Trends of VC/PE Market in China

  • How China's fast-growing economy helps promote the development trend of VC/PE market?
  • How the rise of RMB fund influences the situations of VC in China? In terms of its pattern, RIO and risks.
  • How long will the trend of PE-oriented VC last in China?
  • How to interpret the architecture of relevant laws, regulations and policies in China so as to identify the latest development trend?
  • When will be the next wave of opportunity to invest in China?

Moderator: Danny Lui, Zero2IPO Group, Vice Chairman
Vivian Chen, CDH Ventures, Partner
Michael Chow, JAFCO Asia (China), Managing Director & Co-Head of China (North)
Don Ye, Tsing Capital, Managing Partner
Nobuhiro Shimizu, Mitsui & Co. (Shanghai) Ltd., General Manager, Financial Markets Division
                                   Mitsui Ventures, Beijing Office & Shanghai Office,
                                   Investment Partner & Chief Representative
Joe Zhou, Keytone Ventures, Founder & Managing Partner

12:20 pm-1:30 pm

Business Luncheon

1:30 pm-2:00 pm

Keynote Speech
Yoshitaka Kitao, SBI Holdings, Inc., The Representative Director CEO

2:00 pm-3:00 pm

Session II Dialog between Chinese and Japanese Entrepreneurs: Tips and Secrets to the Success of an Enterprise

  • What differences are there between Chinese entrepreneurs and their Japanese counterparts in terms of values and enterprise operation philosophy?
  • Among business mode, brand culture, talents, technology and market, which one(s) are more important?
  • What are the growth potentials of an entrepreneur?
  • What problems are most often facing small-and-medium-sized enterprises in their development? How to defend potential risks?
  • Summary on the development strategies, experiences and lessons in Chinese market.

Moderator: Jeffrey Zeng, Kaixin Investment, Founding Managing Partner
Chang Chen, Fractalist Information Technology Beijing Co., Ltd., Executive Director
Xixing Ke, Emar Company, President
Kenneth K. Pao,, President
Tao Song, Xiao Gui Dang Jia, Chairman & CEO
Tadafusa Tomitaka, Sony (China) Limited Vice President, Head of Sony china Research Laboratory
Charles Wang, Beijing Mingzhi InformationTechnology Co..Ltd, CEO. President and Founder

3:00 pm-3:10 pm

Tea Break

3:10 pm-3:40 pm

Keynote Speech

3:40 pm-4:40 pm

Session III Challenges and Opportunities Facing Japanese Investors in China

  • How to integrate China's resources during global operations? When is the best timing to enter into Chinese market?
  • What risks and challenges shall Japanese investors pay attention to upon the entry into Chinese market?
  • How to establish a mutual trust and cooperation relationship between Japanese investors and Chinese entrepreneurs?
  • How to compete and cooperate with local investors? How to find investment partners in China?
  • How to evaluate the potential values of emerging investment fields? Which areas are more appropriate for Japanese investors?

Moderator: Zhimin Xu, JCD Co., Ltd, President
Taishuei, Cyber Agent Investment,Inc, Vice Director of Overseas Investment
Takashi Yamanaka, Mobile Internet Capital Corporation, Principal
Nobuaki Kitagawa, Cyber Agent Investment,Inc,
Director of Overseas Investment, Chief Representative of China Office
Toshihiko Oonishi, Daiwa Securities SMBC Co., Ltd, Executive Director
                                    Daiwa Securities SMBC Principal Investments Corporation,
                                    Representative Director and Vice President
Tetsuya Tsuda, Japan Asia Investment(China)Co., Ltd., CEO

4:40 pm-5:10 pm

Keynote Speech
Satoshi Koike, ngi group, inc., President & CEO

5:10 pm-6:10 pm

Session IV LPs in China: Investment Strategies and Practices

  • What opportunities will China, the nation with the world's largest foreign exchange reserve and
  • increasingly strengthened international economic capacity, bring to global LPs?
  • Chinese institutional investors VS Japanese LPs: how to distribute and compete on the market share?
  • Comparing Chinese GPs with Western GPs, what are their common features and differences?
  • What are the key factors to establish a successful relationship between LPs and GPs?
  • How should Japanese LPs explore, screen and seize investment opportunities in China?

Moderator: Hal Morimoto, Astoria Consulting Group, LLC (New York & Tokyo), Managing Director
Kazushige Kobayashi, Alternative Investment Capital Limited, President & CEO
Hideya Sadanaga, Nippon Life Insurance Company, Deputy General Manager
Junichi Umezu, The Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Co.,
                              Manager (Structured and Alternative Investment Dept.)
Markus Ableitinger, Capital Dynamics, Director
Shunichi Umino, Wilshire Private Markets Group, Director

6:10 pm

Banquet and Networking
Banquet Address
Gavin Ni, Zero2IPO Group, Founder, CEO & President

8:00 pm

End of the forum

Keynote Speaker
Yoshitaka Kitao
SBI Holdings, Inc.
The Representative Director CEO
Andy Yan
SAIF Partners
Managing Partner
Jun Tang
President & CEO
Maggie Wu Limited
Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer
Satoshi Koike
ngi group, inc.
President & CEO